Healthy Surprise Review May 2014

healthy surprise review

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review for Healthy Surprise and I was getting a little hungry, so i thought this would be a great time to give them another try!

healthy surprise review

I love how they include a recipe or fun sustainable projects on the box.

healthy surprise review

 The Cost: $40 a month (for the Starter Box)

The Products: Healthy Surprise focuses on the best healthy snacks. Everything they choose is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and natural.

The Concept: Healthy Surprise’s mission is to teach you healthy snacking is obtainable and delicious.

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healthy surprise review

The box came with a $25 gift card to use on another box which was a very welcome surprise! More snacks!

healthy surprise review

Alice and Radiant Foods Kale Crunch - Retail Value $5.99

Kale chips are my favorite. I was so excited to see these that I ripped open the bag almost right away.

healthy surprise review

Inka Crops Plantain Chips – Retail Value $2

I love these chips! They are tasty and much more filling than regular chips.

Enjoy Life Plentils – Retail Value $3.99

I couldn’t quite place the taste of these chips, but they are really addictive.

healthy surprise review

Lemon Pie Coco-Roons – Retail Value $7.99

I liked these lemon macaroons, but it kind of tasted like they were heavy-handed with lemon extract. I would have liked to have abit more of a fresher lemon taste to them.

Farmer’s Crate Mango Thins – Retail Value $3.99

These made a great office snack. I loved how thin and crispy the mango was. It had a bit of tartness which was fantastic.

healthy surprise review

The One Bar in Apple – Retail Value $1

Peter Rabbit Organics Strawberry and Banana – Retail Value $1.44

My daughter’s favorite snack to get. She was thrilled to see this in the box.

healthy surprise review

Olomomo Cherry Vanilla Dream Almonds – Retail Value $2.50

I am obsessed with these almonds. I need to figure out how they get them so tasty.

Taza Mexican Chocolate – Retail Value $5

This makes excellent hot chocolate! I will probably save this for a rainy day.

healthy surprise review


Enjoy Life Seed and Fruit Mountain Mambo – Retail Value $1.33

I seem to get this snack in my box every time I get Healthy Surprise. I don’t mind because I love the salty dried fruit and nut mix!

Lady Jane Toasted Hemp Seeds - Retail Value $2.89

Hemp seeds are a crunchy fun snack. These were good, but the outer skin kept getting stuck in my teeth. Out of the different hemp seed brands I’ve tried, it’s not my favorite.

Thoughts: I love the snacks I get in my Healthy Surprise box, but I always feel as though the full price of the box is a little inflated, so whenever you can get a deal on the box, it is great!

What do you think of Healthy Surprise?