Splendies Review June 2014

splendies review may


Splendies is a women’s underwear subscription that sends three nice pairs of underwear to you each month. They kindly offered my this package to review.


splendies review may


The Cost: $12 a month

The Products: You get three surprise pairs of underwear each month. You can opt to get no thongs for an extra $2

The Concept: Splendies is a way to keep your underwear drawer full of fresh new underwear.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Splendies reviews here.

The COUPON: Use the code MAVEN to save $4 on your first package!


splendies review may

Purple with Lace Trim 

This is my favorite pair because it gives the more coverage and has a nice breathable cotton which is what I really look for in a good pair of underwear.

splendies review may

Black floral with Lace Trim

This is something I would buy on my own, it is actually very similar to several pairs I’ve bought in the past !

splendies review may


White Lace Starts Thong

This is super cute – I love the star and lace combo.

Thoughts: I thought all three pairs were super cute this month and very nice for Spring. The quality of the underwear is always really great and I am happy with what I received this month. What did you think about Splendies this month?

Splendies vs Volupties Review March 2014

splendies volupties review

Splendies and Volupties are sister subscription companies that specialize in women’s underwear. Splendies is geared toward more slender women while Volupties is for curvier women. In the past, I’ve usually reviewed the Splendies package, but this time the companies were kind enough to send me a mixed package to compare the two.

splendies volupties review

The Cost: Splendies: $12 a month Volupties $17 a month

The Products: Both Splendies and Volupties send three cute pairs of underwear each month, with an option to choose “no-thongs”

The Concept: Both companies aim to help you keep your underwear drawer full of cute, fashionable and comfortable underwear.

The COUPON: Use coupon code MAVEN for $4 off either company.

splendies volupties review

Emerald Green Frill Boyshorts

This pair is from the Volupties collection. I love how cute this is! I would not be able to wear it around every day, but when I want to feel extra cute hanging out at home, these are perfect. This is a size 1X and you can definitely see the difference from the XL. This would be a good option for someone who is on the border of an XL and 1X and has wider hips or a more round bottom.

splendies volupties review

Black and Green Lace Underwear

I love the lave pattern on this. It is also ridiculously comfortable! This size is an XL and is certainly smaller than the 1X. I feel as though this is a little on the small end of XL and would be good for anyone who is on the border of L and XL.

splendies volupties review

Green Shamrock G-String

I thought the cut-out clover was really cute. I don’t wear g-strings much, so I am saving this for my sister. This seems to be be very true to size.

Thoughts: Again, I loved all three pairs and thought they were really cute and well-made. Although one of them is not my style, you would have the option to not get thongs (or g-strings) in your box which I like.

What do you think of Splendies and Volupties?

Splendies Review January 2014



Splendies is a newer women’s underwear subscription service who kindly sent me this package to review. I’ve been really impressed with how much some of the underwear they have, so I was really happy to find this in my mailbox!


The Cost: $12 a month, including shipping

The Products: Each month you will get a surprise package of three pairs of underwear in varying styles from Splendies. You can opt for no thongs for an additional $2 a month. If you are a curvier woman, they have a sister company called Volupties. You can read my past Splendies reviews here.

The Coupon: Use MAVEN for $4 off your first box (this works on both Volupties and Splendies)




Red and Black Heart with Black Lace

I think this pair is so cute for Valentine’s Day without being too sexy which I like.




Pink and White Hearts

This is another cute and comfy pair of underwear. It does fit a little small though.




Pink Striped Boyshorts

I love this pair for lounging around on the weekends. The cotton is really soft and stretchy.


Thoughts: I really liked my selection this month. All three pairs were really cute and practical. I thought it was cute that all three pairs were a little more girly since Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I am not sure if this was intentional or not.


What do you think about Splendies? If you’ve tried them before, what was your favorite pair?


Splendies Review December 2013 – Women’s Subscription Box

splendies review december

Splendies is a newer underwear subscription box for women. They send three different pairs of underwear to you each month and were kind enough to send me their December package.

The Cost: $12 a month

The Coupon: Use code MAVEN for an extra $4 off your first box. You can also use this code for their sister subscription, Volupties which is for curvier women.

The Products: Splendies sends three pairs of underwear to you each month. Styles vary greatly and you never know what you will receive. If you are like me and do not wear a lot of thongs, you can opt for their “no thong” option for an extra $2.

The Shipping: Ships internationally! Canada: extra $7, everywhere else, extra $9 (Free shipping in the US)

You can read my Splendies reviews here.

splendies review december

Purple Lace Boyshorts

I love this pair. It is very romantic and in one of my favorite shades. I also love the lace detailing.

White Hipsters

I appreciate nothing more than a simple pair of white undies and these fit the bill while still giving an extra bit of feminine flair.

splendies review december

Pink Bikini

I am not much of a pink person, but I do like the bikini cut and the flower lace details.

Thoughts: Again, I am impressed by the quality of the underwear and love the variety of my Splendies package . This month is so different from the last package I received which just goes to show you how much variety you can expect.

Splendies Review and Coupon November 2013 – Women’s Subscription Box

splendies review

Splendies kindly sent me this package to review. I loved the last pairs of undies they sent, so I was really excited to see what was in this month’s package!

The Cost: $12 a month

The Products: Each month you will get three pairs of underwear. At least one pair will usually be a thong, but Splendies gives you the option to get no thong for an additional $2. You can read my past Splendies review here.

The Coupon: Use coupon code MAVEN for $4 off.

splendies review

Blue Gingham and Lace Hipsters

These are so cute. I love the mix of fabrics and coverage. Very sexy without being too revealing.

splendies review

White Lace Boyshorts

These look like something I might wear on wedding night because of the white and lace. Again, I really like the coverage – I am not much of a thong person.

splendies review

Blue and Yellow Corset Hipster

These are just so cute. There is a small bow in the front, but the back is definitely the best part of this pair.

Thoughts: I did not do a price breakdown because I could not find any information online for the brands. It is very clear to me that the value is definitely there for the price.

What did you think about Splendies? By the way, my code MAVEN also works on their sister site, Volupties and will get you $5 off your first package.


Splendies Review and Coupon October 2013 – Women’s Subscription Box

Splendies is a newer women’s underwear subscription service that delivers three pairs of undies each month. They kindly sent me this month’s package to review.
The Cost: $12 a month, including shipping

The Coupon: Use code MAVEN for $4 off your first subscription!

The Products: Splendies sends out three pairs of underwear each month. You can read my Splendies reviews here.

Purple Lace Trim Hipsters

My favorite color is purple and I love cotton hipsters. I prefer simpler undies and go for comfort more than anything these days. These were a very welcome surprise for me!

American Apparel G-String

I do not normally wear undies like this, but I love the color! I will keep these for those days I feel like being adventurous.

No Line Floral

I love how soft these are! The print is also just so nice! I love it so much – it is just so retro, and ultra feminine.

Thoughts: I loved all three pairs and have two new go-to favorites. Each pair is definitely worth the cost of the monthly subscription, so I am confident this is an amazing deal. What I love about this company is that they also have a subscription for curvier women called Volupties! By the way, you can use my code for $5 off your first Volupties order!

What do you think about Splendies?

Volupties and Splendies Review June 2013 – Womens Underwear Subscription Box

Lately, there have been a few underwear subscription services starting for women. As far as I am aware, Volupties is the first underwear subscription service dedicated solely to plus-sized women. Being on the curvier side, I was intrigued by the new company and asked if they could give me any information. They then invited me to review Volupties and her sister company, Splendies.

The Cost: Volupties – $17 a month, including shipping Splendies – $12 a month, including shipping

The Coupon: Use the code MAVEN to receive $5 off your Volupties subscription or $4 off your Splendies subscription.

The Products: With both companies, you will receive three pairs of cute and fashionable pairs of underwear from a blend of well-known and lesser-known brands. The exact type of underwear will be a complete surprise. I am sure if you make a request to not receive certain type, they will accommodate your preferences when possible.

Volupties: The underwear was sent in a polymailer instead of an actual box. I actually do not mind this since I reuse them. The card got a little bent in the mail though.

Aerie Boyshorts – Vaue $7.50

I love boyshorts to wear on the weekend at home because they are just so comfy. These are very soft and fit perfectly.

Victoria’s Secret Bikini – Value $8.50

This was what interested me the most about the company. Victoria’s Secret does not work with third-party vendors, especially not subscription boxes. Usually, if you find Victoria’s Secret in a subscription box, it is am immediate red flag. After questioning the company about the underwear, they said they purchased the underwear in the same methods a regular consumer would and purchased only a limited quantity for the first subscribers as a gesture of appreciation for joining the new subscription service. Victoria’s Secret will not be found in future subscriptions.

Victoria’s Secret Lace-waist Briefs – Value $10.50

Splendies: The Splendies underwear came a little while after the Volupties. I decided to wait until I received both to review them together. I was fortunate enough to be able to review both because my underwear size overlaps both companies. This subscription did not come with a card, which I am sure was left out accidentally.

JT Intimates – Value $7.50

Unknown – Value $8?

This pair did not have any tags, which was a little disconcerting. They are still very cute and well-made.

Rose Intimates: Value – $10?

I was not able to find any information on Rose Intimates, so if you know anything, please share!

Thoughts: In total, the value was about $26.50 for the Volupties underwear and the value for Splendies was about $25.50 which is a pretty great value for what you pay. Generally, I am still on the fence about underwear subscriptions as a whole, but as they gain popularity, my interest also increases. I understand that their focus is more on Volupties. I enjoyed all pairs of underwear, but I am wary about the missing tags from the the blue and pink pair and not being able to find any information on the black pair. Overall, I think that with some time, work and continued transparency, both Volupties and Splendies may be able to find their own place in the subscription industry.

What do you think about the new subscription companies? How do you feel about underwear subscriptions in general?