Taste Guru Review September 2013 – Gluten-Free Subscription Box

When I heard about the sale Taste Guru, a gluten-free subscription box, has for their 2-month subscriptions, I had to sign up. I have PCOS so I have to watch my gluten intake and I’ve been exploring more gluten-free options to help with that.

The Cost: $24.99 a month

The Coupon: Use coupon code 2FREE to get your first two boxes for only $12 each.

The Products: Taste Guru includes 6- 8 full-sized gluten-free products in their box each month.

Toufayan Gluten Free Wraps – Value $3.50

I am not used to gluten-free wraps and this broke pretty easily. I ended up breaking it in quarters and making mini tacos instead. In terms of taste, it really tasted similar to a regular wrap.

Cook Simple Tamale Pie with Black Bean Chili and Cornbread Topping – Value $5

Sea Fare Pacific Smoked Salmon Chowder – Value $5
I am so excited to try the tamale pie! I just need to get a chance to buy the rest of the ingredients and I am all set.
When it comes to seafood, I am a little particular about how I eat it and a salmon chowder isn’t something I would normally pick out, but I had it for lunch and it was really great! I would definitely get more of this!

Glutino Breakfast Bars in Strawberry – Value $12

Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company Naked Popcorn – Value $1.25
I understand some gluten-free foods are more expensive, but the price of the bars are way out of what I would expect to pay. That being said, I do like how they taste and would love to buy them when they are on sale!
Buttery popcorn always tastes artificial to me. I prefer to make my popcorn on my stove and do not add any butter or salt to them and just use olive oil for popping. I tried this and the flavors were too much for me, but my family liked it!

Vivana Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Fettuccine – Value $6.99

I never tried sweet potato pasta before, so if anyone has any recipes they can recommend, please share them! I cannot wait to try this out!

Thoughts: Although I was not the biggest fan of everything in the box, I truly enjoyed the experience and exploring new foods and brands. I cannot wait to see what the October box is like!

What did you think about Taste Guru?


Taste Guru Coupon – Just $24 for TWO Boxes!

Taste Guru, a gluten-free subscription box, has a new coupon code out to try their boxes for only $12 a box!

The Cost: $34 a month, now $12 a month!

The Coupon: 2FREE

The Products: 7 – 10 premium gluten-free full-size snacks.

I have PCOS, so it is important for me to keep a low GI diet, and I do try to go gluten-free as much as I can, so I signed up for this deal. Taste Guru was on my to-try list for a while, so it really did not take much convincing!

Willy ou be signing up with me?

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