Taste Trunk Gourmet Premier Box

taste trunk premier gourmet


A couple of weeks back, Taste Trunk had a deal for 50% off their Gourmet Premier box, which I decided to get because it’s been a while since I last tried Taste Trunk. I thought it would make a good Mother’s Day gift to myself!


taste trunk premier gourmet


The Cost: $55 normally (I used their 50% off coupon that is now expired)

The Products: Each box has 6 – 10 premium, hand-picked items which are subject to change each month.

The Concept: The Taste Trunk Gourmet Premier box was created as a way to introduce you to full-size gourmet products you will enjoy experimenting with.

Other Review: You can read my past Taste Trunk reviews here.

taste trunk premier gourmet


Each Taste Trunk has a small package full of information about each product and their producer.


taste trunk premier gourmet


Saucy Mama Sweet Heat Marinade – Retail Value $6

I am going to save this for a barbecue this summer. I think it would go great with some chicken or pork with a side salad and of course, corn!


taste trunk premier gourmet


Elki Artichoke Piquillo Bruschetta – Retail Value $6.95

Yum, I actually tried this before and loved it, so I am glad to get a full-size jar. I will be enjoying this during the weekend.


taste trunk premier gourmet

Terrapin Ridge Farms Strawberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip – Retail Value $7.30

Yum. I never heard of such a combination, but I am going to make some fresh pretzels to pair with this dip !

taste trunk premier gourmet

Sticky Fingers Raspberry White Chocolate Scones – Retail Value $5.99

These scones were unbelievably soft – more like biscuits. I would have liked more raspberry and white chocolate, but overall, super delicious!

taste trunk premier gourmet


Himilayan Salt Block - Retail Value $16.95


I’ve wanted to get a salt block for the longest time, so I am beyond thrilled to have one now. I think I want a second so I can use one for hot items and one for cold because I heard once you heat it, it loses some of its “power.”

Thoughts: The total value of this box was just over $43, but there were only 5 items, so I am wondering if maybe one of the products was missing from my box. Despite the value, I am really happy with this box and I think it made a great Mother’s Day gift to myself and I think it is a nice Mother’s Day Gift for anyone else who enjoys good food.

What did you think of the Taste Trunk  Gourmet Premier box?

Taste Trunk Healthy Box Review and Coupon July 2013 – Food Subscription Box

Taste Trunk is a new food subscription box that offers different trunks for you to subscribe and discover new foods. Taste Trunk offered me a discount to try a box to review. I decided on the Healthy Trunk because I am still trying to watch my weight.

The Cost: $29 a month, including shipping

The Coupon: Use code MAVEN25 for 25% off your first box.

The Box: Taste Trunk offers four boxes, Gourmet, Healthy, Sweet and BBQ. You can switch your theme at any time. Trunks may be added or change down the line.

I really loved the presentation of the box. It has a touch of romanticism that I appreciate.

Inside the bag on top were the product cards. I really appreciate it when a company takes the time to explain more about the product and especially about the people who make the food.

I was so happy opening this box. I could not believe how much was in here!

Honey Sticks – Value $2.50 for 5

I loved the variety. So far, we tried the darkest one which is a chocolate flavor.

Peeled Snacks Apple Clusters – Value $2.50
Nibnaks Apple Cosmo – Value $2.50

Vigilant Eats Superfood Oat-Based Cereal in Goji Cacao – Value $4.99
Vigilant Eats Superfood Oat-Based Cereal in Coconut Maple Vanilla – Value $4.99

I tried the Coconut Maple Vanilla and on its own, it is not my favorite. I ended up adding a few things to it. I cannot wait to try the Goji Cacao though!

Teatulia Green Tea – Value $7.50
Dang Coconut Chips – Value $3.50

I’ve had the Dang Coconut Chips before and they are incredible. I squealed when I saw them in this box! These are always one of the first to go because I put them in everything!

Thoughtful Food Giddy Up & Go Granola Notoriously Nutty – Value $1.50
Thoughtful Food Giddy Up & Go Granola Seriously Seedy – Value $1.50

My sister had the Notoriously Nutty and she said it was one of the best granolas she’s ever had. I cannot wait to try the Seriously Seedy granola!

San Franola Granola – Value $2.25
Nunes Farms Sweet Chipotle Almonds – Value $1
Nunes Farms California Crunchies in Maui Onion Almonds – Value $1

The San Franola was one of my favorite granola so far. Something about it reminded me of a gingerbread man. I think I will need to serve this at a Christmas party this year.

Both almonds were great. I loved the sweet, spicy contrast and the onion goodness of the almonds. They were addictive!

Thoughts: I received over $35 of products and everything was great! I loved my Taste Trunk. I think I will have to try the other boxes now to see how they all compare. My only note for them would be that although I loved every product, I could have done with a bit more variety – there seemed to be a lot of granola in this box.

Did you try Taste Trunk yet? Which box did you choose? If you did not sign up yet, don’t forget to use my coupon code for 25% off!