The Other Box Review August 2013 – Date-Night Subscription Box

My fiancee and I have been in separate countries for a very long time. We are planning to get married late Spring of next year and we made a promise to each other to go on a lot of dates to reconnect before then. When The Other Box, a date-night subscription service, contacted me to do a review, I was more than happy to oblige!

The Cost: $25 a month, including shipping

The Products: The Other Box delivers a date-night in a box. They include materials for a themed date and fun suggestions for the night. Dates are great for couples night or even date nights with the kids or friends. It is not a typical subscription box at the moment and you have to manually purchase your box each month, but they do have plans on becoming a full-fledged subscription soon.

The theme for this date is mini-golfing. I’ve only been mini-golfing twice in my life, but always had fun. I know this is something my fiancee would love to do for a date night!

In each box, they will include a suggestion or game or the night. With this theme, the game is called “FORE” and you are supposed to ask each other questions that begin with “Fore/Four.” For example, “Four! Of your all-time favorite movies.” or “Four! Places you would like to go on vacation.”

The Other Box Water Bottles – Value $20 appox.

I love these bottles. They are really great at keeping your drinks cold for a long period of time. Did I also mention that the logo for the company is really cute?

Golf Balls – Value $4 approx.

We used to have our own golf balls, but I have no idea what happened to them. My daughter saw these and I had to constantly keep her from trying to throw them or bounce them on the hardwood floors! Before her dad comes back, I will probably use these to help our daughter work on her swing.

nuun Drink Tablets – Value $2 approx

I never heard of nuun, but I understand they are great for workouts. These would definitely come in handy when out on the golf course on a hot summer’s day!

Thoughts:  This was a great “first date” and certainly something my fiancee and I would love to do. The values here are all estimations based on similar products I found online. In my opinion, the true value of the box rests in the experience The Other Box provides. Taking this as my primary basis for the review, I believe that The Other Box is definitely worth the cost of the box and I cannot wait for the second date!

What did you think of The Other Box? Is this a box you would be interested in for date-night inspiration?

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