Hello Flo Review September 2013 – Period Subscription Box

Subscription boxes for your period are becoming increasingly more popular, so I decided it was time that I reviewed another period subscription box company. Hello Flo was on the top of my list after their amazing viral video.

The Cost: Between $14 – $18 a month, depending on your flow

The Products: Hello Flo sends you a selection of tampons and pads tailored to your particular flow habits. You can also choose to receive pads only. Each box also has a couple of treats to help comfort you. I have PCOS and I do not usually need feminine hygiene products so I chose the Heavy Flow package to give to my sisters.

Hello Flo review

Unreal Candy Coated Chocolate – Value $1.75

Unreal Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar – Value $0.50
I’ve seen these candies at the drugstore and always wanted to give them a try. I am so glad they were included in the box because they were so good. Definitely better than the “originals” filled with all those chemicals.
Hello Flo review

Always Regular and Night Pads
Always Pantyliners

Regular, Super and Ultra Tampons
Carry Tote

I loved the carrier the tampons and pads came in! It is so cute and I am sure will be a permanent tampon holder for my sisters.

Here is the Hello Flo video that went viral:

Thoughts: I thought this was a great care package for that time of the month! They really focus on what is important – keeping you protected – and less on the fluff and goodies. At that time of the month, this is what really matters.

What do you think of Hello Flo?
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My Cotton Bunny May 2013 Review – Women’s Subscription Box

I’ve seen a lot of time-of-the-month subscription boxes out there, but never tried any, so when My Cotton Bunny offered to send me a box to review I immediately said yes.

Cost: $13.75 a month, including shipping

Box: Enough tampons or pads to last you a month, plus a few extra goodies to help make your week just a little brighter.

They provided two cards. One reviewed the contents of the box, plus how to get an extra gift in your next box. The second was a message to the subscriber. I thought it was really cute how they made notes both for the woman and her significant other!

Tampax Pearl 18 count – $5.99

Kerfluffles Marshmalllows  $2.50
Honey Sticks $0.70 for 2

These are hands-down the best marshmallows I’ve ever tasted. Even my daughter ate two and she is not a marshmallow fan. They are light, fluffy and full of flavor. I used my coupon to order their Cherry Almond and Lemon Meringue marshmallows.

Hair Clips – $5 – I couldn’t find an actual value for these anywhere, so this is just an estimation

These were really cute – I just wish I got something a little brighter for Summer, but they will be great for a night out!

Verdict: Overall, I am pretty happy with My Cotton Bunny. The treats were incredible and I love the hair clips! I think this is the perfect subscription to have to not only save you a trip out, but to give yourself a nice treat each month.

What do you think of time of the month subscription boxes? Would you sign up for a monthly box like My Cotton Bunny?

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