TravelBox Founder’s Box Review December 2013

travel box paris review

I am very passionate about travel and exploring the world. Anything that promotes this belief is something I am always interested in so when TravelBox kindly offered me a box to review, I had to say yes! TravelBox is a new subscription box for anyone who loves learning about other cultures and travel.

travelbox paris review december

The Cost: $33 a month, plus $5.95 shipping

The Products: TravelBox finds innovative products from around the globe. In each box you can expect an assortment of products that will prepare and inspire you to travel, provide essential travel gear, entertainment and snacks as well as beauty products.

travelbox paris review december

Dreams Essentials Sleep Mask (US) – Retail Value $10.95

To be honest, I cannot sleep with sleep masks on and I tend to give them away in spa-themed gift baskets. I’ve heard really great reviews about this particular sleep mask though!

Breffo Spiderpodium (UK) – Retail Value $ 19.95

The Spiderpodium is a super bendy contraption that you can use to hold you phone, camera, iPod or other small device for you. It can be attached to other objects or bent to stand up like a podium. This already turned out to be a handy contraption to have on hand.

travelbox paris review december

Luxe France City Guide - Retail Value $9.99

I am not really one for travel guides, but I was expecting one in the box. I am glad it is for Paris because it is a city that I am not too familiar with, but would like to visit again soon.

travelbox paris review december

Guylian Artisanal Truffles (Belgium) – Retail Value $1.09

I am such a huge fan of these chocolates. I used to buy them all the time, but haven’t had any since coming back to America. I was in pure bliss when I saw these!

Lanoilin Agg Tval Eggwhite Facial Care (Sweden) – Retail Value $4

I already have this facial soap and this is the best product I’ve ever used on my skin before. To have an extra, especially since I’ve been saving my current bar until I could get more, is awesome. This soap is great for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin, so I am really glad to see this in the box.

Thoughts: The box costs just under $40 and the total value of the box is about $46 so the overall value is right on the mark. They also include a product card that tells you the exact value of the product you have instead of the total price of the full-sized version if you only have a smaller sample size in the box. I like that there were a variety of different types of products and from all across the globe. That is what impressed me most about the box. Many of the products are some of the more popular products each country is known for which is also really neat. I think this box has a really wonderful concept and would also make a really nice gift to anyone who loves to travel or wants to experience the world around them in the comfort of their own home.

What do you think about TravelBox? Is this a box you would be interested in trying out?