Trunk Club Review – August 2013 – Men’s Clothing Subscription

I got a lot of requests to review more men’s subscriptions and recently signed up for a few. One of the subscriptions I was most interested in was Trunk Club because it is very similar to the popular women’s clothing subscription, Stitch Fix. Although my fiancee is still in London, I thought this might be a good welcome surprise for him!

The Cost: Varies. You can pick a budget for your overall box. According to our personal stylist, the minimum is around $300 – $500 for the entire box.

The Products: Quality articles of clothing and accessories based on your style. Each item is personally picked by your own stylist who chooses products based on your budget and personal tastes. As you receive more boxes, the more tailored each box will become.

I was a little disappointed that my Trunk Club was plain. I love the graphics on the regular Trunk Club boxes. When my personal stylist called, she asked about sizes again, what I wanted to see my fiancee in, what kind of clothes he needed and what his style is like. Vlad loves all different styles and is more of a fashionista than I am, so I told her to use her creative freedom! My only note was that we were preparing for Autumn.

She included a lot of information about how they work as well as a handwritten letter explaining why she picked what she did. I thought this was a great touch!

Jack Spade Stripe Hat - Value $65

I love this hat! It is warm, soft and fuzzy! It is a little big though so we won’t be able to keep it.

Jack Spade Trombo Stripe Shirt – Value $165

My fiancee loves a good buttoned shirt. I cannot wait to see him in it.

Life After Denim Tournament V-Neck Navy Sweater – Value $98

This is my favorite item in the box. I mentioned my fiancee loves to wear a sweater over his shirts throughout Autumn and I was so happy to see that our stylist took note of that and included this sweater. It is soft and  light enough to wear during early Fall an pairs well with just about everything.

Gitman Brothers Gold with Navy Stripe Tie – Value $120

This tie is gorgeous! My fiancee loves all blue ties and I do not think he has anything similar. Unfortunately, I am not ready to get him a tie for that price just yet, so it is getting shipped back.

Jack Space Bill Holder with Striped Lining – Value $75

My fiancee has had his wallet since before I even met him. I think he got it just after his son was born – 7 years ago. He says its his lucky wallet, whatever that may mean. Needless to say, we are keeping this one!

Thoughts: Our stylist is amazing! She even convinced me to try to make a trip out there so we can take a look at custom-made tuxedos for the wedding! I think she really hit the mark balancing fashionable staple-pieces and style. Right now, I just want my fiancee here so I can have him see all the wonderful clothes I got him!

What do you think about Trunk Club? What was your favorite piece? Do you like clothing subscriptions like this?
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