Vegan Cuts Snack Box Review September 2013 – Vegan Subscription Box

It’s been a while since my last Vegan Cuts box and since September is their one-year anniversary, I could not resist getting another box from them!

The Cost: $19.95 a month

The Products: Vegan Cuts finds some of the best vegan products and snacks to share with their customers. Each month, you can find a selection of unique vegan snacks and an occasional lifestyle product. You can read my past Vegan Cuts reviews here.

Kiwa Life Vegetable Chip Mix – Value $5.99

I love veggie chips, and these were my absolute favorites I’ve had so far! They were not overly salty or greas like some vegetable chips. The beets were my favorite. These were gone by the end of the day.

Home Free Mini Double Chocolate Chip Cookies – Value $1
Barnana – Value $3.99

I get the mini cookies from Home Free occasionally in my boxes and I adore them!

The Barnanas are already a huge hit in my house, so I could not be any happier to get them again!

TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal in Blueberry Date – Value $1.66

I gave this to my daughter who was not a huge fan, but I tried it and I thought it was great! It is does not have any strong flavors which may be why my daughter didn’t like it as much, but I appreciate more subtle flavors.

Sunology Natural Sunblock SPF 50 – Sample
Herbal Zap Immune Support – Value $1

Raw Snacks Apricot Cinnamon Snack Bar – Value $3.95
Smooze Coconut Mango Fruit Ice – Value $1

We got the Smooze in our first Love with Food box and it was so good! I was really excited to get another!

Meatless Select Fishless Tuna – Value $1.99

I am not a big fan of many meat substitutes, so I was a little taken aback by the meatless tuna. I think I might have someone else try this out for me because I don’t think I will be able to get over my mental blocks on products like this.

Thoughts: This was perhaps the best Vegan Cuts box I’ve ever received! I fell in love with so many products in the box and others were already favorites of mine. What I love about boxes like this is that it just shows you that eating vegan is still a tasty and fun experience!

What are your thoughts on the Vegan Cuts Snack box?

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review September 2013 – Beauty Subscription Box

I decided to subscribe to the Vegan Cuts Snack and Beauty Boxes because this marks their one-year anniversary, so I was expecting both boxes to be amazing. I ended up getting my beauty box first.

The Cost: $19.99 a month, including shipping

The Products: The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box will include a selection of fun vegan beauty  and occasional lifestyle products. You can read all my Vegan Cuts reviews here.

(Not pictured) GladRags Pantyliner Coupon – Value $12.49

I use cloth diapers on my daughter and love using recyclable and reusable products whenever possible. I’ve considered using “Mama Cloth” in the past, but never got around to even trying it out. Maybe this sample will help me decide if it is right for me!

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion – Value $1.65
Weleda Wild Rose Pampering Body Lotion – Value 1.65

Weleda Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion – Value $1.65
Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion – Value $1.65
Weleda Citrus Refreshing Body Oil – Sample

Hurraw Chocolate Lip Balm – Value $3.75
Good Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant – Sample

I was surprised to see the lubricant in the box – it is certainly a change from the traditional vegan beauty products you find in boxes! They have a few of their products on sale at their website, so if you are curious, now is the time to try it!

Beauty Without Cruelty Premium Aromatherapy Shampoo in Rosemary Mint and Tea – Value $1

I love Beauty Without Cruelty products, so I was really happy to see their shampoo in the box!

Manic Panic Pretty in Punk Eye Shadow Compact Side A – Value $12
As you can see, my eye shadow was completely crushed! I was really sad to see this because it is not salvageable at all. I emailed Vegan Cuts about the eye shadow and the owner did try to help me figure out a way to at least save the green, but I just didn’t think it was worth it. They were not able to send me a replacement, but did offer me the option to get an extra gift in my next box. Unfortunately, I was planning on holding off on the October box.

Thoughts: This was was an okay box, but not my favorite. I was not too happy to see so many bottles of Weleda body lotion and the eye shadow was really disappointing. I know I’ve seen great beauty boxes from Vegan Cuts in the past, so I am sure they will have another month that will be perfect for me!

What did you think of the September Vegan Cuts Beauty Box?
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Vegan Cuts April 2013 Review – Vegan Eco-friendly Subscription Box

I came home to find my Vegan Cuts box arrived. In case you didn’t know, Vegan Cuts is a vegan snack subscription service that also sometimes send out beauty and home items. It costs $19.99 a month and you get at least eight items plus a few coupons.

Although I am not vegan, I try to eat more vegan-friendly food simply for health reasons. This also allows me to freely share snacks with my daughter without any guilt.

What really grabbed my attention with Vegan Cuts is that they show a real passion for their work and helping people live a healthier, more earth-conscious life. They also prefer to work with small businesses which is something I am also very passionate about. Unlike your typical snack box, they try to give you a variety of foods, including those you can cook with like some of the things found in this box and the Beyond Eggs from last month’s box. They also like to sneak in a beauty or home item too which is always a fun surprise.

I sensed a real Italian theme with this month’s box.

Teese vegan mozzarella cheese, Milas roasted red peppers and artichoke brushetta and a sample of the Parmela Parmesan. I’ve seen Parmela around and was always curious as to the taste. I am supposed to be eating fewer dairy products, so hopefully these two cheeses can turn out to be nice replacements for me in the long run. 

Lemon and garlic Oloves,Teeccino herbal coffee, Meow Meow Tweet lip balm and information plus coupon for Eat Beyond Meat. I already tried the Oloves and they were pretty nice. I may invest in more as an office snack. I got the grapefruit clove lip balm and it isn’t my favorite scent and while I like grapefruit, clove is more of an autumn scent for me. 

I was really excited to get the protein bar and powder from 22 Days. I’ve heard a lot about plant-based protein powder and have been wanting to try it. The bar was amazing and I even ordered a box off their website. I tried the powder and was not a fan. I don’t know if it was because of the vanilla flavor, but it felt like I was drinking play dough. 

I love popcorn, but to be honest, that amount of popcorn for 100 calories is actually a lot. I like to make my popcorn on the stove and it is really low in calories, so this wasn’t that big of a deal to me. I did have it already and it was good, but I think I will stick to my stovetop popcorn. We also opened the sweet potato chips. I didn’t realize they were actually tortilla chips, but that I know,  I want to try the bruschetta on top.

Here is a rundown of everything in the box:

  • Teese vegan cheese Full Size – $4.50
  • Milas roasted red pepper and artichoke bruschetta – 66 ¢ 
  • Parmela parmesean sample – 50 ¢ 
  • Oloves Full Size – $1.45
  • Teeccuno herbal coffee – 83 ¢ 
  • Meow Meow Tweet lip balm Full Size – $5
  • 22 Days protein bar Full Size – $2.99
  • 22 Days protein powder sample – $2.63
  • Skinny Pop popcorn – 99 ¢ 
  • Food Should Taste Good – 99 ¢

In total, everything came out to be about $20.54 and some of these numbers are just approximations. I have a feeling the total box may be a bit higher. This also does not take the coupons in account. So far, I’ve been pretty happy about my boxes with Vegan Cuts and plan on keeping my subscription. They are really great for helping me discover new types of food and ways to incorporate more veganism in my life. 

Have you signed up for your Vegan Cuts box yet? What do you think of this month’s box?

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Vegan Cuts Review – March 2013

I got my first Vegan Cuts box a while ago. Although I am not vegan, I do like having healthy snacks I can feel good about eating and giving to my daughter. I’ve been so busy with work, I never got a chance to go over what I got. Unfortunately, we ate almost everything within the fist couple of days, so I only have the one picture of the entire box here. 

In the box:

My favorites where the lentil and coconut chips, egg replacement and the cooking class. The cooking class alone was worth $99 – putting the box way over the $19.95 I paid for it! 

Saying that, I was a little disappointed with the course because the production was not of the highest quality. I still got a lot of good information from it and I’ve only done the first lesson. I was really surprised with the marshmallows – they actually had a better consistency than the non-vegan kind. My daughter even ate one and she normally hates marshmallows. 

The Dang coconut chips are probably going to be a new staple in my house. Pretty much everyone loves coconut and the crunchy, salty, sweet snack was an immediate hit among everyone. I even hid the bag for a little while so I could make sure it would last! 

My least favorite is a tie between the PureFit bar and the Righteously Raw chocolate mint bar. I subscribed to Vegan Cuts because I wanted to try something new and I’ve seen PureFit around at my local Whole Foods and Wegmans.  What was surprising was to learn that it was vegan. That I did not know. I also tried Righteously Raw’s chocolate before when I bought a one-off box from Healthy Snacks and I was not a fan. I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate and their raw chocolate is like dark chocolate overload. 

What I love about Vegan Cuts is that not only can you buy everything they give you in its full-size version, but they sell it in bulk so you have enough to last you a while. Many of the products also offer free shipping – talk about convenience! I highly recommend anyone, vegan or otherwise, who is looking for a snack box with a lot of new and delicious products, but do not want to spend a lot to try them out. 

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