Vermont Snacks Review October 2013 – Local Snack Box

I have been loving the many locally-focused subscription boxes forming this past year! For a while, I’ve been wanting to go up to Vermont during the fall season because I hear it is amazing. I was thrilled when Vermont Snacks provided me with a box to review so I could experience a tiny bit of Vermont in the meantime.

The Cost: $19 a month, including shipping

The Products: You will find between 4 – 6 snacks and other food items made in Vermont in your Vermont Snacks box.

Yolo Pure Maple Popcorn – Value $2.46

I wish I could tell you how this was, but my daughter dove into this as soon as she saw it and didn’t want to share. I am taking that as a sign of it being incredibly delicious!

Vermont Village Unsweetened Applesauce – Value $1.60
Vermont Village Strawberry Banana applesauce – Value $1.60

Again, the applesauce was all my daughter’s she did tell me that the Strawberry Banana was extra yummy though.

Vermont Nut Free Tana Bar in Triple Berry – Value $2.25

I loved this granola bar so much. It was surprisingly thick and chewy and paired well with a nice cold glass of milk!

Vermont Smoke and Cure Real Sticks in BBQ – Value $1.25

I tried this in one of my boxes a few months ago and really liked it. I don’t like the beef jerky you find in stores because it tastes so artificial, but you can really tell the Real Sticks have actual meat and flavor in it.

Thoughts: I am on the fence with this box to be honest. I absolutely loved each of the snacks and felt they were wonderful representations of the state. On the other hand, I am a little disappointed in the overall value of the box and would have liked to see at least one high value product in the box or even a Halloween theme (anything Halloween really wins me over). Overall, I am generally pleased and would like to see more from the company!

What do you think of Vermont Snacks?