Wantable Makeup Box Review June/July 2014

wantable makeup box review


So, I ordered a Wantable Make Up Box June 24th, which is supposed to be when they start sending the July boxes (the start date for the next month’s box is always on the 24th), and I somehow ended up with a June and July box. They featured some of the same great brands, so I was actually really happy to be getting both!

The Cost: $36 a month

The Box: Wantable Makeup Box is all about full-sized makeup from popular and upcoming brands

Other Reviews: You can read my past Wantable reviews here.

wantable makeup box june 2014

Tarina Taratino Pearl Glow Primer ($32)

I love primers that have a reflective quality to them because they add a youthful dewy look under your makeup. This has a really nice consistency and gives you a bit of an etheral glow to you.

Tarina TaratinoBlack Fleur De Lash Mascara ($19)

I like this mascara because it does a great job at lengthening your lashes and does not clump.

Spellbound Nail Lacquer Love Spell ($14)

I love this shade of pink. I love wearing pink nail polish in the summer, so this is the perfect addition to my collection.

Mirabella Perfecting Powder ($30)

I love that this makes your makeup last longer while also providing anti-aging benefits. It’s two products for the price of one and works great.

wantable make up box july

Tarina Tarantino Jewel Shadow Fantastical Palette ($32)

Purple eye shadow was a signature look of mine throughout college. I’ve since gone to more neutral colors, but I would love to restart my old look once again!

Tarina Taratino Eye Dream Hyper Liner Ultraviolet ($15)

I love experimenting with colored liners, so I was really happy to get this in the box.

Three Custom Color Brow Powder #5 ($22.50)

I am all about the brows, so I always ask for as many brow products as possible. I love how this blends into your natural color.

Three Custom Color Wet/Dry Cake Liner Sage ($22.50)

This can be used as a shadow or liner. I am very excited to give this a try.

Spellbound Nail Lacquer Talisman ($14)

I have a nail color very similar to this that I love and wore a lot in Spring, I love it because it is very bright and works well as an accent to many different colors.

Thoughts: I love both boxes and the value is really great for both boxes! I am really in love with Tarina Taratino and Three Custom Color now! Wantable is my favorite subscription because of the quality of the products, value and the fact that you can return your box for a full refund if you are unhappy!

Wantable Intimates Review June 2014

wantable intimates review

Wantable has some of the best boxes for me and I usually love everything I get. I decided that this month I wanted to compare the larger size products from Wantable Intimates with a smaller size to see the difference in products, so I decided to get a box for my mom who is a size M.

wantable intimates review

The Cost: $36 a month ($40 for a one-time box)

The Products: Wantable Intimates includes a variety of intimates including loungewear, socks, soft bras and nightgowns. The specific types of items you get is dependent upon your profile questionnaire.

The Concept: The Wantable Intimates box is a great way to get new nightwear from new and popular brands.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Wantable reviews here.

wantable intimates review


Lace Trim Bandeau – Retail Value $ 15

This is really soft and I do own a pair of my own and think it is great for comfortable lift, but is definitely not something I would be able to wear out. Someone with a smaller chest probably would be more than okay to use this for everyday use.


wantable intimates review


Slim & Thin Shapewear – Retail Value $15

wantable intimates review


St Eve Grey Star Nightshirt – Retail Value $32

This is super soft and comfy, I know my mother will love this because she prefers wearing nightshirts.


wantable intimates review


Pucker Up! Emily Flyaway Pink Babydoll – Retail Value $34

This is just so adorable, I wish it was in my size! It is definitely something I would wear, but my mother will probably end up giving this to one of my sisters.

Thoughts: This was a great box! I definitely think smaller sizes have a much cuter variety compared to the larger sizes (XL and up). There are still lots of cute things for larger women, but a box like this is more my style. I know my mother will love getting this box. What did you think of the June Wantable Intimates box?

Wantable Accessory Review May 2014

wantable accessory box review

I am always so excited to get my Wantable boxes in the mail. My absolute favorite Wantable Co. box is their accessories box. I am always really happy with everything I get. In fact, out of all their box choices, I think this is the only one I’ve always been 100% happy with!

wantable accessory box review


wantable accessory box review

Here is my profile setting for this month. I didn’t really change it much because I like the products I’ve been getting.

wantable accessory box review

The Cost: $36 a month

The Products: Each month, Wantable works with an exclusive curator to create a new box of seasonal accessories for you based on your personal profile quiz.

The Concept: The Wantable Accessories box was created as a way for you to get some of the month’s must-have items the company believes you will enjoy!

Other Reviews: You can read my past Wantable reviews here.

wantable accessory box review

 Avril Sunglasses - Retail Value $16

These are so cute and I feel as though it really goes with my face shape (face shape was not a part of my profile questions). I love the mixed patterns. On the sides of the sunglasses are small silver infinity shapes.

wantable accessory box review

Alexia Bracelet - Retail Value $17

I love the warm tones and geometric pattern, it is very tribal which is great for Spring/Summer.

wantable accessory box review

Claudine Earrings – Retail Value $14

I have a blue shirt that matches this perfectly. These are simple and elegant which is really nice for work. The way the “stone” is cut make sit look really sparkly when you wear it which I think is really nice.

wantable accessory box review

 Mallory Scarf - retail Value $24

I love scarves, so I was really happy to be seeing this in my box. I love everything about it. The mixture of colors is gorgeous and it is lightweight and super soft. It’s my favorite item in the box.

wantable accessories box review

Banded Geometric Headband - Retail Value $9.98

This was actually missing from my box, but they were quick to send it to me once I notified them. It arrived only two days after emailing them! It holds well on your hair and again, I think the pattern is really great for the season!

Thoughts: I am super pleased with this box and don’t really have any criticisms. It is always a little bit of a letdown when you are missing a product, but they handled it so well, that I can completely overlook it. One of the reasons Wantable is one of my favorite subscription boxes is because of their customer service and their happiness guarantee (which allows you to return your box back for a 100% refund if you are ever unhappy with your box). The products this month were great and definitely my taste

What did you think of the May 2014 Wantable Accessories box?

Wantable Intimates Review April 2014

wantable intimates review

The Wsntable Intimates box seems to be a favorite among a lot of people, but it’s been hit or miss for me lately. I was excited to see how this box would be.

wantable intimates review


The Cost: $36 a month ($40 for a one-time box)

The Products: The Wantable Intimates box has 4 – 5 intimates including underwear, soft bras, lounge wear and hosiery and more.

The Concept: The Wantable Intimates box was created to help you keep your intimates collection up to date with some of the best brands available.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Wantable reviews here.

wantable intimates review

Here are the options I chose for this month’s intimates box.

wantable intimates review

Adrienne Vittadini Boot Socks Fuschia/Black – Retail Value $18

These socks are to soft and comfy – I absolutely love them!

wantable intimates review QT Intimates White with Yellow Trim Bikini- Retail Value $14

The lace and yellow trimming is cute, but it is a little too grandmom-ish for me.

wantable intimates review

Yummie by Heather Thomson Sylvia Camisole Flame – Retail Value $34

I think this cami is incredibly cute, but it is a size too small, so I will be passing this on to my sisters.

wantable intimates review

Yummie by Heather Thomson Carolyn Long Tank – Retail Value $54

I was surprised at the value of this tank – I don’t think I would ever spend this much on a tank. It does guarantee to help flatter your form which is a major plus side for me.

Thoughts: I am on the fence with this box. I did like a few of the items included, but with the cami in the wrong si box I’ze and not-so-flattering underwear, this isn’t the best box I’ve received from Wantable.

What did you think about the Wantable Intimates box?

Wantable Beauty Box Review March 2014

wantable beauty box review (1)

One of my favorite subscription boxes for women is Wantable. The first box I tried from them was their beauty box and I was truly impressed with the products I received and many of the products have become staples in my beauty regime. I love how they now add your name to each box, it just adds to the personalized feeling. This box was kindly provided for a review.


wantable beauty box review (1)

My quote of the month


wantable beauty box review (1)

Here are my preferences I set for this month’s beauty box. I have a ton of lipstick around and I don’t normally use highlighters or bronzers. I was hoping for some good nail polish and a brow product.


wantable beauty box review (1)

The Cost: $36 a month, or $40 for a single box.

The Products: Wantable offers three categories: Beauty, Accessories and Intimates. The beauty box is full of full-size beauty products (and tools) based off your preferences.

The Concept: Wantable works as a way for you to get a fully personalized experience in discovering new beauty products from popular and emerging brands.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Wantable reviews here.


wantable beauty box review (1)

Liberty Republic Spellbound Nail Lacquer in Enchanted – Retail Value $14

Most subscribers got a Liberty Republic nail polish in their beauty boxes. This is a newish brand a completely new product line for them. I loved the entire collection of polishes they have, but I am especially happy to get Enchanted which is a deep teal which looks pretty green on your nails. The formula is really great, but the color is what really does it for me – I love it!

ncLA Bullion in a Bottle – Retail Value $16

I really like this polish a lot (and I am not mad at all that I got two polishes in my box – I think Wantable knows how much I love my polish!). The brush makes it look as though the polish will go on gloppy and be difficult to use, but it applies easily and is definitely a one-coat polish. I love all the different-colored glitter, it reminds me of Mardi Gras!

wantable beauty box review (1)

La Bella Donna Compressed Mineral Eye Shadow in Bronze – Retail Value $20

This is a really nice neutral shade for Spring. The formula is pretty matte without being drying which helps to prevent the dreaded eye crease.

Sorme Anti-Aging Cream - Sample

wantable beauty box review (1)

StarLooks Brow Shader 4 – Retail Value $21

In my opinion, your eye brows are what polishes your overall look and are the part that I obsess over constantly (I think it’s because I have uneven eyebrows and it drives me nuts!) I love this set because it comes with a highlighter and also has different shades to change the tone of your shadow and to tailor for your eyebrow colors. You can also use it as a brown smokey eye palette!


Thoughts: The total value of the box is $71 which is a really great value considering the cost of the box, so the value aspect is really there. I am also a fan of all the products that are included. I also felt they did pay attention to my profile and listened to my favorites.

What did you think about the March 2014 Wantable Beauty Box?

Wantable Intimates Review February 2014


wantable intimates review

Wantable is one of my favorite subscription boxes. They offer three subscriptions: Beauty, Accessories and Intimates. I already received my favorite box from them, the accessories box, and I loved it so much I decided I needed to also get one of their intimates boxes too.

wantable intimates review

I love the quotes on the back of the Welcome cards.

wantable intimates review

These are my preferences. I was really hoping for leggings of some sort. I also know a few people received nighties and hoodies, so I was hoping for one of those as well.

wantable intimates review

The Cost: $36 a month

The Products: Wantable Intimates delivers a selection of underwear, loungewear and accessories based off your profile. You can read my past Wantable reviews here.

wantable intimates review

Rhonda Sheer – Pin-up girl Lace Control Panty – Retail Value $19.90

Okay – I actually really love this pair of underwear. I adore the vintage style. It fits high-waisted and like short shorts. I feel like a pin-up which is definitely my style.

wantable intimates review

Rhonda Shear Sweet Cupcake Lace Trim Panty in Smoke – Retail Value $18.90

I love the color – it is much more a grey-purple color in person. Very pretty. They also fit very comfortably.

Q-T Intimates Bikini Nude – Retail Value $9

wantable intimates review

 Alo Yoga V-Neck Tank – RetailValue $21.00

I love this tank. It is so comfy to wear around the house and I like the splash of color.

Icy Hot Invisible Straps 2 pack – Retail Value $7.99

This will come in handy during the summer when I wear more clothes that show off my shoulders.


Thoughts: This was an okay box for me. I was a little disappointed to get three pairs of underwear in one box – I like to see variety in my boxes. That being said, I did like each item enough to not send it back. I did also recently learn that when you receive the email stating that your box is being prepared, you can email the company with any particular requests and they will do their best to fulfil that request to the best of their ability. I think I will try that the next time!


What do you think about Wantable Intimates, what is your favorite Wantable box type?

Wantable Accessories Review February 2014

wantable reviwes

Wantable is one of my favorite women’s subscription boxes, so I was thrilled to find my accessories box, which the company kindly offered me for review, at my doorstep. I usually keep my profile the same, but I decided to make some dramatic changes to see the difference in products they would include. Wantable recently had a facelift, so this review has more pictures than usual to show you the changes.

wantable reviews

The Cost: $36 a month for a subscription, $40 for a one-time box.

The Products: Wantable offers three different boxes: Makeup, Accessories and Intimates. Their accessories box includes jewelry, scarves, watches, sunglasses and more. You can read all my Wantable reviews here.

wantable reviews

Here are my preferences for this month.

wantable reviews

I love the cute quotes they add.

wantable reviews

Lemon Verbena Bracelet – Retail Value $34

I really like this bracelet a lot, but not for winter. I see this as more of a fun summer-night bracelet to wear out with friends as a statement piece. I would never buy this on my own because I shy away from bold colors, but I really like that they take me out of my comfort zone a bit.

wantable reviews

Layla Earrings – Retail Value $18

I love these earrings! I am wearing them as I type this review. So far, I’ve gotten several compliments on these earrings. I feel very stylish wearing them.


wantable reviews

Berrymore Earrings – Retail Value $16

These earrings are also super cute. I love the simplicity and they are definitely a pair that I would buy. This is a hit with me.


wantable reviews

Bella Trix Scarf – Retail Value $15

At first, I did not think I would like it, but after putting it on, I realized that it wears nicely and adds a bit of edge to your look without being too bold. Plus, it is super soft and fuzzy.


Thoughts: This was definitely a good box for me this month. I was really happy with everything. My only disappointment in the box is that I received two pairs of earrings. With all the different accessories they have, I think it would be nice to have each piece be a different type of accessory. Other than that, I am really enjoying this box.

What did you think of this Wantable Accessory box?

New Wantable App Available Now!

wantable app


Wantable just released an app for subscribers. I am still testing it out, but here is what the description says:

Snap, tag, share and get famous. The Wantable app is the perfect way to share photos of the amazing products you’ve received in your Wantable Boxes. Snap pictures or upload from your camera, then add a comment and easily tag the featured products. Share to Wantable.com and all of your favorite social media sites and get famous! The best are shone daily on Wantable.com

If you haven’t signed up for Wantable yet, they have three different boxes for you to choose: Makeup, Accessories and Intimates. Boxes are personalized to your preferences based off your style quiz and they have a great return policy. You can read my Wantable reviews to get an idea of what their boxes are like.


Wantable Beauty Subscription Box Review December 2013

wantable beauty subscription box review

I absolutely love getting Wantable boxes because I have yet to be disappointed with their customization. I also really like that you can return boxes for a full refund – no questions asked. I’ve seen a few reviews for the December Wantable Beauty subscription box, so I was excited to get this month’s beauty box.

The Cost: $36 for a subscription, or $40 for a one-time box

The Products: Wantable curates three different boxes: Accessories, Intimates and Beauty. In the beauty box, you can expect 4 – 5 full-sized products, plus a free beauty sample. Each box is fully customized according to your preferences chosen in your style profile. You can read my past Wantable reviews to see how it works and what you can expect in each box.

wantable beauty subscription box review

Face Stockholm Stick Concealer in Amber - Retail Value $19

I’ve been using my boi-ing concealer for ages. I absolutely love the coverage, so I am excited to see how Face Stockholm stacks up.

Pomegranate Glitter Top Lacquer Nail Polish in Broken Curse - Retail Value $8.50

I am in love with this glitter polish. It has purple and blue micrglitter and can be used on its own with a few coats. It doesn’t have a real holiday feel in my opinion, but I can’t wait to wear it when the weather gets a little warmer!

wantable beauty subscription box review

Starlooks Shadow in Wine - Retail Value $12

This highly pigmented matte shadow is gorgeous. I absolutely love this color and cannot wait to wear it out with some gold shimmer

Skiin Soothing and Smoothing Eye Cream - Sample

wantable beauty subscription box review

ncLA Nail Wraps in Birds of Paradise - Retail Value $16

Nail wraps are new for me so I was excited to see these in the box. The print is also really nice. I can’t wait to try them out – which will probably not be until Spring since it is more of a warm-weather print.

Mia BelleZZa Ultimate Eye Brow Pencil in Dark Brown - Retail Value $18

I love to experiment with brow products. In my opinion, it is very important to have good brows because they really set the stage for your overall appearance. So far, this has become my favorite brow product. I love the attached brush and it applies very naturally.

Thoughts: I love the products in this month’s box – and the value is decent as well at about $74. I made this box a challenge to put together because the only loves I had were nails and brow products and I was impressed that they decided to give me two nail products as a result because that is exactly what I was hoping for!

What did you think about the December Wantable box? What did you get in your box?

Wantable Majestic Masquerade Holiday Box Review

Wantable majestic masquerade holiday subscription box

I absolutely loved the first Wantable Limited Edition Holiday Box I received a few weeks ago. When I found out about the sale Wantable had for their holiday box for current subscribers, I had to order another box!

wantable majestic masquerade holiday box

The Cost: $36 for subscribers, but the sale allowed you to get a box for only $1!

The Products: Each Wantable Holiday Box included:

  • Bella Beauty Small Metallic Cosmetic Bag
  • Bella Beauty Rollerball Eyeshadow Set
  • 29 Cosmetics Dew Lip Gloss
  • Color Club Nail Polish
  • Spa Sister Silk Sleep Mask
  • Wantable Exclusive Earrings

The colors you receive depends on which box you chose. You can read my Starlight Soiree review here.

wantable majestic masquerade holiday box

Color Club Nail Polish in Apollo Star – Retail Value $8

I love the shimmery champagne color of this nail polish. It is perfect for the holidays!

29 Cosmetics Dew Lip Gloss in Sparkling Champagne – Retail Value – $24

I love the formula this gloss is very shiny and not sticky. I like the light golden shimmer, it looks very pretty and festive over red lipstick.

wantable majestic masquerade holiday box

Wantable Exclusive Golden Gala Earrings - Retail Value $24

One of the reasons why I decided to get Starlight Soiree as my first box was because I loved the earring in that box the most. I do like these earring, but they are not really my style. Still, they will make a great Christmas present!

wantable majestic masquerade holiday box

Bella Beauty Rollerball Eyeshadow Set in Monet - Retail Value $14

I love the  rollerball eye shadow set. The shadow does come on a little heavy, so to get more control over the color, I recommend rolling the shadow on your hand and using a brush to apply.

wantable majestic masquerade box

Spa Sister Silk Sleep Mask in Gold – Retail Value $10

Bella Beauty Small Gold Metallic Cosmetic Bag – Retail Value $13


Thoughts: I love the colors of the nail polish and lip gloss. The eye shadows are also a favorite of mine. Overall, I really like the Majestic Masquerade box, but the Starlight Soiree is still my favorite.


What do you think of Majestic Masquerade? Which is your favorite Wantable Holiday Box?