Whimseybox Review August 2013 – Craft Subscription Box

I’ve had this box for weeks now, but wanted to hold off on my review until I could show you my finished work, unfortunately, I still have not gotten around to starting the project, so before I forget about the craft altogether, let me share my review!

The Cost: $15 a month

The Products: In each Whimseybox, you will receive everything you need to create a different craft every month. You will also receive a tutorial, with access to detailed photos and a video how-to.

I really loved the presentation of the box – they really put a lot of thought into it. Due to the nature of the box and materials, I left out values. The craft for this month is a beaded wrap bracelet which is very in-style now.

I was surprised to find this at the bottom of my box! I am glad I realized it was there and decided to inspected the cards because my needle was attached to the back of one.

I am not really sure what I will need the cement for, but I am pretty excited to get the chance to make my bracelet and find out!

I love that they give us a choice of corse to use. I like the idea of a classic white bracelet, but the teal is more my style!

I loved these pencils! They are so cute .My favorite is the :Makers Gonna Make.”

Thoughts: I really cannot wait to work on this craft! I am making it my goal to make time this weekend to squeeze in some time to make my bracelet because I’ve seen the end results from other people who got the box and I am really jealous!

What did you think of the August Whimseybox craft? If you made your bracelet already, was it fairly simple? Show me your finished project!
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